Saturday, July 28, 2007

She must dot her T's because she sure crosses her eyes

Hey everyone just a little Team Bartz update of week 1 of Brinnon on the outside. This week Hot, Hot, Hot. It's tough to cuddle with your little girl when both of you wind up moist in minutes. But through it all we have perservered with holding her almost 24/7. We have also had many great congratulatory calls and visits (grandmas & grandpa, aunties, Katy b, Jessa, Katy O, Lil' Debbie, Angaroo), thanks everyone. Brin went to her 1st doctors appointment and checked out all good and tall, real tall. I guess stretch will have to be added to her ever growing list of nicknames. Some examples: stretch, squish, turtle, turt, liger.

this is a video my sis took when Brin first came home (it's all about the sound):

Brinnon the lion from Kelly and Vimeo.

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