Saturday, July 28, 2007

The first of many firsts

Just thought I'd throw a few cameo firsts of week one for
everyone to experience:

1st beach visit with mom and ang:

1st jam session:

1st hot weather nap lesson from dad:

1st "Hey ma quick messin' with me I'm trying to sleep!":

We're hoping for a heat break so Brin can put on all her fancy new clothes but we are pretty much diaper only right now. Brinnon, not Court and I, though that's not a bad idea.

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amanda jane said...

too fun!! Ang had a blast and said she is a doll. We are coming up for the Wilco show on the 14th of Aug, and would love to see you.....will you be around? We are coming up Sunday and staying until Wednesday. let us know if we could pop by for a quick visit....or even better, if you're going to the show!