Saturday, September 29, 2007

Like sands in the hourglass, so are The Days of Our Lives.

Hello everyone-

Let's all give a round of applause to court for keeping the blog train rolling through all the stops

..... louder please......

thank you.

I've sworn off the blog lately. I've been on a crusade to reject all forms of superfluous technology and have been living in a tent eating nothing but what I can forage and the leftovers of what Mylo brings to me from his hunting escapades.

Na, just kidding I'm lazy.

So, I'm a dad now pretty crazy. To be honest I like court doing the blog because she riddles it with pics o' the little one and I look at them at work all day and ignore my responsibilities. Brin has definitely usurped the top spot in what goes through dad's head on a daily basis.

She quite possibly may be the cutest thing ever. And the amazing thing is, through it all I've kept my objectivity and am able to say that with complete confidence. Feel free to say it yourself, Brinnon doesn't mind.

Not to say that this little bundle of cuteness doesn't have her, let's say, unsavory moments. I don't know if mom is able to write about this so I will take it upon myself. Apparently, babies may get "fussy" in the 7-10 week range. Brinnon has not proven to be an exception of this. I think it may be more evident to me because this time tends to be 5 (when I get home from work) to 8ish (when I sit on the couch and say 'was that just our baby?').

*Now I am not siting this because she is an extremely unrelenting child or anything. It's just, this actually is my first rodeo and I now know I've never really heard a baby cry.*

This has spurred some new nicknames for the little squish though. There are rare instances when Brin earns the handle - Hellcat, or in only 1 instance Brinnon of the Damned.

I know I know you look at those pics of her and you say "impossible, she is a perfect little angel". and you know what even I agree with you! Because she has this amazing ability, even when she is wet with sweat from freak out numero dos but has just fallen asleep, to make you forget all of what just happened no more than a minute prior! It's crazy. Helen of Troy was probably a 10 week old baby.

Please take these lines as observances not complaints. With the afore mentioned included Brinnon is still the bees knees.

A few pertinent things I've observed as a new father:

I don't understand what chemically happens to make mother's spit a disinfectant.

When she smiles and laughs when I play guitar: will probably be the sole reason I will let her use the car when she is 16.

I can't believe she is going to be more fun. but she will.

I don't think I will ever be able to be bad cop.

at the moment... she has my hairdo.

Holy shit I have a daughter.

thank you all for being a part of her life and I will do more to share on the blog soon!


Larix said...

well done papa, well done.

See Lil Run said...

Kel, I am so proud of you and your observations and I am SOOOO proud to be Bin´s auntie...I already am making space in my backpack for her gifts! I love her to death and am so, so amazing at her beauty, smarts, will power...wait, what am I talking about...why should I be surprised ...look the family she comes from :) Love you all...from Peru, Auntie Lil

See Lil Run said...

By the way...I meant BRIN´S AUNTIE...not bin...ooops

Blogtime In Twin Town said...

Kel, you really know how to pull on this mom's 'ol heart strings! How exactly did parenthood turn us into saps!?
I couldn't be happier for you.

amanda jane said...

this is the best post!! i think i will make matt start blogging. yeah right.