Sunday, May 13, 2007

moth·er 1 (mŭth'ər) A female person who is pregnant with or gives birth to a child.

Hello all, I hope the beginning of spring finds you well. Just so you all know Mother's Day includes the host of an unborn child. Court and I had a little debate about this and as shown in the title she is officially a mother. Sorry for not keeping up on the correspondence too often but as Court described in the previous post our world is torn asunder. Even the kitchen sink is now gone. I need to make note today because I feel we are at the low point right now and are on the upswing towards the other 1/2 of our house being habitable. I have felt we were at the low point more than once before, but now I am pretty sure if I tear out anything else I will be outside. An electrician friend coming tomorrow and when he is done the "de" can be removed from our consruction project and the room can begin its transformation. Hey, you can't build a castle on a pile of sand......unless it's a sand castle.....but you can't cook dinner in a sand castle. (My proverbs have a ways to go).
Court is being a great sport through all of this. I'm a little surprised she hasn't snapped yet, maybe the preoccupation of being prego is a blessing in disguise. She is feeling great for the most part, a little sore now and again but she is a trooper. To be honest I thought she would be laying on the couch with the back of her hand atop her forehead asking me to go to the store to get more lemons for her lemonade, and another block of ice because she likes freshly chipped ice opposed to cubes. Not the case, in fact in her own little cute, stubborn way Court mowed the lawn today while I worked on the kitchen. That pretty much proved to the neighborhood that her husband was the biggest deadbeat and should be run out of town on a rail. Great. Our neighbor even offered to help her, she declined (I could have told him that). Pride aside the lawn looks great and the kitchen sink is in the backyard.

The babe has been checking out A-OK and is feisty in the evenings. Court had a ladies shower up here and the babe got some wonderful trinkets and tools thank you all. In fact, you think the kitchen is bad check the accumulation in the nursury.

Apparently there was an amazing spread of food as well. I would elaborate but I was eating a turkey sandwich at the time, with mustard! All the best to everyone and here is a parting shot of babybartz head on.

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The Lockhart Family said...

uh, you let your pregnant wife mow the lawn?! There's a place for people like you and it is called JAIL!


hope to see you both soon. Court, keep up the good work, you look great. Also, Dana has been sluffing off on the yard work, are you available?