Tuesday, May 1, 2007

29 weeks

There is a very good reason why the blog has not yet been updated. Who really cares? Well, I’ll have to say once you embark on a remodeling project, much is put to the wayside. Blogs, cleaning and cooking are a few things that instantly come to mind…but I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of important daily routine tasks that fail to exist when you don’t have a kitchen or dining room. Everything from those rooms are now located in our very dusty basement or in our overcrowded upstairs bedrooms. No rhyme or reason was used in storing these items, so I’ll admit I just don’t think of the things that are out of sight.

Good reason not to blog!? I’ve been feeling guilty so I’m going to post a few photos baby bartz. While visiting the doc last week, I mentioned I wasn’t feeling much movement (or compared to all of my pregnant friends) so I was lucky enough (being an optimist) to have the chance to get another 4D ultrasound. Everything turned out perfectly fine, Baby Bartz passed with flying colors. There was a thought I may have a little too much amniotic fluid, but just turns out I'm just on the high end of normal. This thought suggests I can't feel every movement baby makes. Oh well!

Of course I’m bias, but what a cutie pie all snuggled up in there! Enjoy the photos (I tried my hardest to scan them in...and I did...it just didn't work too well) and we’ll try to keep up on this better….
If Kel just could do more than four things at once….

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