Thursday, February 22, 2007

In the Belly of the Beast..or.. What's she buiding in there?

Today was the big ultrasound/checkout the baby move around/ be amazed by technology/ flip out at the reality of the child in CJ's belly day. It went well. The play by play went as follows: Got to sleep in a bit, got up and had a great b-fast (oatmeal, smoothie, coffee for me) headed to the hospital and court peed in a cup. Gripping, I know.

When we went into the sonographer's office she didn't waist any time. Court had her pants at her knees faster than a dress is off on prom night (an apt simile I feel). The goo was applied and the machine was doing its thing in a matter of minutes. It didn't take time to find the babe but it was a challenge keeping up with it. Apparently, we have a feisty little one agrowin' in her belly. The ultrasound showed a little person this time. We saw fingers, toes, a face, then she focused in and we saw bones, where the stomach is, a brain! Our little baby has a brain! It was amazing.

OK, pretty cool, like the first time we saw the babe but much more defined much more of a little person in there. Personally, I would have come home elated and all excited about the pics like this one to show. But it didn't stop there. Technology played its card today and we got to see the 4D image of the short-round.

That technology is frickin' crazy, it actually gives your baby a face and personality.... well 50% of each anyway since its got that much more time to cook before its done. NOTE: I am reffering to our unborn child as "it" not because I cannot to relate to them as a person, but because we didn't find out the gender today. We're going to leave that surprise for the unveiling day, kind of like Christmas without digging in the closet to find your presents.

Here are some of those 4D shots

Crazy huh, personally, I think this one looks like Han Solo frozen in carbonite in Jabba's Lair.

Pretty much a fact that Court actually has a baby in there and is not sneaking McD's when I'm sleeping. We are pretty excited about this whole thing. Court is doing great, feeling good ready to take care of the little chitlin and for it to be in her arms. She'll have to settle for the belly for a while longer (I don't think it is that bad of a sacrifice). She's been feeling the little one move around quite a bit and a few nights ago I too felt a flutter. It's great to have a visual of what is moving around in there.

How about another pic, they're too fun.

Now you can all put a face to the belly from the previous posts. Well there you have it everyone BabyBartz in person... or 50% in person, anyway. We will keep you posted as the babe grows.

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