Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Crib and I

Ahhh.... the holiday of the heart, Valentine's day. Many couples spend today buying trinkets, flowers and candy to show their love and loyalty to each other. A nobel purpose for a holiday; no real socially imbedded traditions or politically controversial baggage. Just a reminder of the daily appreciation you have for your significant other. Cute.

Court and I spent the day waking in lovely Bismark, ND to a balmy -20 degrees. It was the last stretch of our trip to see Timm & Sarah in Bozeman. Driving home, we could not have been closer to each other for the entire day unless we stayed in bed. It was a long drive but good company makes the time go by fast (however, it does not make the butt feel any less numb).
The Bozeman trip was fantastic. We loved the town and it seems like T & S have a good thing going out there. Timm and I got a couple of good riding days in @ Moonlight Basin on the backside of Big Sky. A hidden gem of a resort where the snow is good and the lines are short. We were lucky enough to get 8" of fresh snow over Sunday night and it continued to snow all day. All totaled I think it was around 14" of fresh powder, or as some say: heaven. The big deal of the trip was our wedding gift from the AngstFord's. Sarah gave us an original print, "Timber Frear" named after a trip we did with them last summer. The photos do not do it justice but here is a little teaser of the print;

Ya'll will have to come and see it on our mantle. Eddy is getting a little bit of an ego being a model and all, she won't let us hear the end of it. We love it thanks Sarah and Timm.

Enough about us babybartz is the real star here. The babe is growing nicely and begging to give Court a little belly action in the evenings. We are excited about the 22nd where we do the big ultrasound to see the little one. Court is finding the bathroom and the ice cream a little more often and baby things are starting to accumulate. In our stark, soon to be filled, nursury there is an ominous presence of "the crib". My days are fairly regular and uneventful when I pass the partially opened door to the nursury and see the crib staring back at me. I am truly excited to become a father, but between you and me, that crib, sitting quietly in the corner is definately a premonition of what is to come. I don't want to compare it to the clown doll in Poltergeist but you get my drift.

I am excited about the babe and all of the acutraments that go along with it. The crib was a big one, and the reality is now moving in and setting up shop.

The Belly is ever growing and court is begging to move into the maternity outfits to cover the belly in the sub-zero temps. Personally, I like it when the belly peeks out under her shirt, but it is cold and its not my belly. We hope you all find yourself well and we will keep you posted. The parting shot:

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Christine said...

Court and Kel,

It's so great to read your thought processes and excitement on the coming of your little one! And to hear your laughter through about choosing the name, grasping the whole concept that there's a person growing inside of Courtney that will be this personality that will leave an imprint on you indelibly! You guys will be amazing parents. I've known it before the seed was planted.

Sarah's did an incredible job with the print of your paddle in the BWCA-- I can totally see the details of both of you in the painting.

I'll be listening to your stories, lives and wishing I was nearer to you!

Take extra special care : )