Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Up Top

Eddy approves of the addition to the family with an "Up Top"

hi. (this is Kelly by the way) It's been a while. Sorry. We were so excited to get a blog going for our friends and family to see the progress of baby Bartz that we shot up this blog. Little did we realize that you have to maintain these things on a regular basis. I hope the kid isn't this time consuming!
We went back to the doctor today for our visit #2 which involved the sound of our little ones heart beat! It took a while for our doctor to find it. I felt my fears, that this was all just a dream, were true and we have just concocted this entire fiasco because of the lack of anything better to talk about. Note: I've just been reprimanded by Court for calling our little bundle of joy a fiasco. Poor word choice. Anyhoo, the heart beat was "perfect" according to Doc Stank and everything is progressing nicely. She asked if we had any questions which was met with blank stares from both of us. Obviously we do not know what we are in for.
I feel that feeling might be a trend throughout the pregnancy (speaking for myself of course) and probably well into adolescence. In fact, New Year's Day we were invited to an afternoon celebration at Casey and Cord's for some good food, drink (non-alcoholic for Court), conversation, and playtime. There were almost as many kids as adults and because we were newly expecting everyone was congratulating us and asking if we were ready for this. I would smile and say "yeah, we'll see." and the parent would smile back and give a knowing look that I haven't quite figured out yet. So I have felt this "not knowing what we are in for" feeling two significant times since the new year, and it's January 3rd. We have a stack of books and an endless resource of friends/family to consult, but no amount of consultation can explain a look. I have a feeling the roller coaster is still clanking up the first drop and the anticipation is only going to build. 'Til next time, which will be soon. Happy New Year! It's going to be a good one!


Super Gram said...

Hey Baby Bartz! How lucky are you to have two such in the know parents, your own blog and millions of worshipping fans! What a cutie; I'm in love already. Super Gram signing off.

Natalie said...

Kel, Court,

My eyes welled up when Kristen told me you two were expecting. I am so incredibly thrilled for you. Really. You guys are going to do great. No worries!! And you are right, Kelly, you have all the love and support in the world. Cherish this time of expectancy and ENJOY every day! Fears and joy, all together as a gift. Love you guys,


silo said...


just remember that no one EVER knew what they were getting into until the little baby comes out. sometimes, it is better to be slightly oblivious; less expectations and anxiety if they aren't met. just roll with it, you will learn as you go - from the child themselves. they are their own person from the very first breathe and you will be absolutely amazed at how much love resides inside your heart that you never knew existed before!

your life will never be the same,

ps. maintaining your blog will be a good exercise for you for the next several months! (laugh)