Saturday, January 13, 2007

Our first ski!

Kel and I both FINALLY had a weekend where we both had FREETIME. The past six months have been chaotic with school, family, and holidays. When we realized we had 'nothing' to do but housework (which is completely optional at this point), the thought of finding snow somewhere in the Midwest to go skiing was on top of our list.

Yes, Court and I got out and played where the snow was, just outside of Ironwood, MI. It's a sad day when Duluthians must travel 2 hours to enjoy the wilds of nature. It was a perfect day though, fresh snow, not too cold and safe enough for a pregnant lady to enjoy exercise before she gets too rotund. No belly picture this entry there really isn't a significant visual change, though it does seem like court is smuggling a grapefruit just under her skin.

On our 2 hour drive court and I had time to discuss names for our little addition thats afoot. Now I, am predisposed to answer any opinion question with a little tongue in cheek humor especially if it doesn't need serious consideration for another 4-6 months. Court, on the other hand, is ready to begin planning and discussing the arrival of this child. Which includes, but is not limited to, nursery preparation, diaper type, and names. I've never really been a planner but I suppose this is a special exception. So, the name discussion got off, to what I thought, a swimming start with "power" names for our current hegemony being thrown out like: Lockheed, Hal (iburton), Raytheon (not my favorite). Though we both laughed it was not that produtive. After "Car Talk" and no talking in the car the discussion became a bit more serious and I think we made some real progress in weeding out the riff raff (I voted yes for riff raff but I think it is going to be killed in the committee and won't make it to name status, then I remembered The Rocky Horror Picture Show and I will love my child no matter what they choose to do or be but why start things off on the weird foot). I don't think we're ready to divulge any options especially on the world wide web, BUT if anyone would like to share their ideas we are always open to suggestions, serious or otherwise.

After the ski on the way home the name topic came up again and we had a revelation: We were thinking of naming our child Global Warming but that would have a negative or "bad" connotation. Also, their initials would be GWB the same as our ever so popular un-elected president George "the wombat" Bush, something we want to distance ourselves from further than this world will allow.

Speaking of: we wanted to send our best to our good friend Bill who is forced to stay in Iraq longer than his required term because of this new "Augmentation" of the military this week. Our thoughts are with him and his wife Kate and brand new baby Eva. We hope this all ends soon and positive.

Peace out, Kel & Court

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