Sunday, August 2, 2009

Iowa 2009

The family took a road trip down to Iowa for a McLuen family reunion. Instead of returning back to Duluth with Kelly, Brinnon and I detoured to Osky, Iowa to visit Kate, Bill, Eva and Baby Sam Snellman. It just so happened Linsay, Issac and Jack were there too (they are our neighbors/Linsay and Kate sisters). It was a full house of people and the Snellmans were more than gracious to host us all. Brinnon quickly fell in love with Eva and they played so well together. She is quite the lady. We also met baby Sam. I've never met a baby so....well....perfect. His worst case scenario is a miniscule screech, if you could call it that, for a second to say I'm hungry. It's amazing really.
Eva and B in their suits B loved this bouncy chair...sorry Sam
Got it!

Outdoor fun with Eva

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