Sunday, July 6, 2008

Full of Events

What a weekend! Grandma, Di Di, Auntie Chrysta and Cousin Maya came to visit Thursday and Friday. We went out to breakfast, had a bbq, played guitars, hiked and played at the park. There was never a spare moment! Brinnon was 'loved' up by Cousin Maya. What a fantastic cousin you are Miss Maya. Thank you for all of your help with B. Big news, today she independently pushed her walker toy around the house...for almost an hour. We removed the rug and let her have the entire floor for her new skill. Addicted!
Today was gorgeous, we had to get outside and enjoy the weather. These are the days when we want to live no where but Duluth...the lake, the sun and the beautiful green trees and flowers! Ahhhhhhhh! What a weekend!

Pointing to the plane

Dodging Eddy's legs

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Kara Salmela said...

Cute cute cute! Let us know if Maya has time to play with Lussi... we are around packing and moving.