Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Diarrhea. And. Respitory. Sickness.
Dinner. Ain't. Really. Settling.
Duluth. Area. Really. Sick.
Don't. Allow. Re-visit (from). Sister.

Whatever you want the acronym to stand for TeamBartz had it... bad. Ew. Last week B came down with a cough first that escalated into a horrible, contagious virus with big nasty teeth and a viscious streak a mile wide. Now, I am going to exercise a bit of brevity here so you all do not have to relive this week... and neither do I.
Basically, B & Court came down with a fever, a bad cough and stomach nastiness together on I think Tuesday. Wednesday it was ugly for B she was having real trouble breathing but Court was coming around. By Wed. night we knew we were in trouble with high fever and vomiting from the little one and a contraption from he hospital called the nebulizer. With a name like that you would think there would be at least one lazer on it and he ability to turn something into a pile of dust. But alas, it was just a supposed breathing aid that works under a similar philosophy of getting a drink by throwing a bucket of water at a thirsty person. Ahh modern medicine.
ActII. With jobs and sickness a stresser my philanthropic, and conveniently unemployed, sister who was just up the weekend before offered to come and assist the sleepless team bartz. So she came on her white horse, in the guise of my parents prius, to save us from the afore mentioned large toothed frothing monster of a virus. A noble selfless act she would later regret.(foreshadow)
By Friday I had it - fever, stomach, yada yada. B was still not keeping food down and since Tuesday she had lost a pound. That may not sound like much but at the moment that is a 17th of her weight so it was not to be taken, no pun intended, lightly.
Since we've been through the de-hydration bit before we had the syringes and the know how from the last virus to keep her boderline with fluids, but not really improving. This was, unfortunately for us, just enough for the doctors to give a pat on the shoulder, a wink, and a "keep it up your doing great". At that moment, I hated them.
By Saturday sister Lily got it too. No food was to be contained by her stomach, oh no, it all escaped. She slept until about 3 on saturday... Then went to bed around 5. ONLY, because of the great service Lil did for us by sacrficing her health for her niece will I withhold the picture we took of her in those 2 hours she was awake. It will be archived for coercion at a later date.
Through all of his B was still, and is, throwing up most of her food. We talked to the doctors, they would tell us to keep on keeping on.
Finally, Monday the fever broke and she sarted smiling a bit (Lily and Brinnon). But B was still getting sick. Tuesday we though she HAD to be on the road to recovery..... Then, supermom Courtney notices White dots all up in B's grill. You guessed it, she now has a case of Thrush. For those of you who don't know what that is, have a baby.
That pretty much brings us up to present day where mom and dad are so so rested, sister Lily finally made the journey back down south and B has Thrush.
But, we may not have made it through without the help of my sis, thank you so much Lil you were a lifesaver.
I'm sure we'll all look back on these couple of weeks in a year or so and say: "That sucked."

Poor Sick B and Poor Sick Dad

B having no fun.

So much for brevity.

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