Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Team Bartz rally cry.... OR objects in the rearview mirror may appear exactly as close as they are

As promised pics of the little lady (note: letters in bold and italics denote sarcasm) 12 days to the due date!

We are beginning to prepare emotionally and physically for childbirth. At least that is what the first lines of some of the books we just opened say. Kidding, Court and I have read at least a book and a half collectively about childbirth. A t least a 1/4 of my readings include the pamphlets that are on the wall wilst I wait for Court to get measured, weighed, and tagged at the doctor's office. Ok, I'm still kidding a little. The readings have pretty much solidified we have no idea what to expect; when they state labor can last from 2 hours to several days and the pain can be bearable to indescribable, it really doesn't give me the clay to sculpt our perfect labor scenario. The books are good because they are getting us talking about it and what we don't want to have happen. I guess that is a loose form of plan.

Also, Courtney and myself, as many of you know are not the best of planners. We have been known to take vacations with no particular destination...... in foreign countries. We have started epic trips with very little planning (and what planning we did was completely useless). We have orchestrated several of our friends and family members to plan a gala of music, food and celebration that was executed seamlessly (except for the cake in the lap, sorry dad) and will be remembered as one of our best days ever (with another soon to come). My point is we do well with little structure leading into big events. We are learning as much as we can but know when the time comes we will have to rely on one another, assess, adapt, and act. That sounds like I just pulled it out of an army recruitment pamphlet but I just made it up. They can buy it from me though and call it the r.o.o.a.a.a.a. strategy.

We have done well with this philosophy thus far. These unplanned escapades have us meeting lifelong friends, seeing a private jaguar sanctuary, eating pineapple from a pineapple farm, releasing baby turtles into the ocean, both getting Montezumas revenge, walking almost the length of the US (the short way thank god), seeing deep into other very different cultures and still being in the US, walking a lot, getting living down to the most basic efficient means..... and still getting along, more walking, getting all of the loved ones we could muster into one place at one time, partying and dancing with them, getting Nashville pros to play (thanks Casey), telling each other in front of everyone what we already knew, and getting the place cleaned out by 1AM! And these are just a few positives of 3 experiences we've done together. I got 8 years of these stories people.

sure I'm nervous about the babe coming, who wouldn't be, but I'm also confident it will be one of the best things we've done together..... and we have some doosies. But we are a good team and we'll figure it out just like we always do.

Hell Mom helped Patti deliver Phoebe in tent how hard could it be......... right?


keo boun pheng said...

"HOLLY HANNA BANANA" courtney, i don't know if i've ever seen a larger prego-belly in my life --that baby has grown since i last saw you, only 4 days ago!!! i'm sending good thoughts your way...because i have a hard time believing you won't be early. i'll be waiting anxiously to hear when that baby takes the dive! you will do great, i just know it!

keo boun pheng said...

oh -- and kelly, i really enjoyed your post. thanks for sharing!

See Lil Run said...

my god brother you are so funny!!! Court you are huge but look beautiful!!

The Lockhart Family said...

Rule 1: Never comment on a pregnant woman's belly size. (But stare in amazement all you want).

Rule 2: Never ask new parents the dumbest question in the world, "so are you getting any sleep?" (Of course they aren't, but they don't care and are annoyed you asked.)

Rule 3: Remember that if you want to tell God a joke, make a plan. (So don't).

Seriously, I'm glad to read you aren't planning too much - being flexible is a helluva lot more fun anyway. Except for Hannibal on the A Team, who ever told you a good story that ended with, "so that's the end...it all went according to plan." B o r i n g.

;) We're pulling for you, which, ahem, I guess means that you're going to be pushing for us? Hm, while accurate, it doesn't sound quite right.


W & D & F & O

amanda jane said...

i agree with the lockhart family...especially about number 2. as for the birth....you will be fabulous! it is definitely the most amazing thing you will ever do. most importantly, just be in the moment and stick together (which you already do) and try not to listen to any BAD birth stories from here on out, OK?!

Also, the g diapers are awesome, we highly recommend them. we sold our smalls on craiglist, you may be able to find some there. we love 'em and hope you will too! take care we wish you all the best.