Friday, March 16, 2007

Helloo...Baby Blog

So anyway, baby's fine in case you were wondering. Not that everyone who checks this was wondering how we fared in the blizzard of '07, or as I like to call it: Normal, but I thought i'd put in a little ditty about our unborn child. Court is sitting at a even 24 weeks (and counting), feeling a little sick right now but baby Bartz is feisty. We sit on the couch with my hand on her belly and the little one practices their best Bruce Lee "Enter the Dragon" technique. I havn't contemplated the destiny of our child but I would be alright with a karate grand master (if that is an actual karate title I have no idea but it sounds very official....and very karate). They don't really have the history to fall into the karate profession, though I must say I did stay in my karate class long enough to break a board with my foot. I had the official outfit that I was ever so proud of with a gleaming white belt. For all of you creating this mental image I was 7, this was not a college elective or anything.

Okay, back on task. I think the babe has been usurping a bit more energy from the host than it used to. Court has been getting tired lately and the walks wear her out more than normal. I'm sure most can relate to Court insatiable walking, running, moving appetite and so this is a noticeable change. In response, I have been diligently posting up on the couch to make Court not feel bad or lazy, this is what makes us a team. We go in next Thursday for the next check-up and it seems everything is going smoothly. We are starting to discuss our "birthing environment" lately which brings up a lot more questions than I realized. There are some pretty important decisions we need to make and my roll as a wide-eyed ineffective coach (e.g. Minnesota Vikings) is going to change to one of a wide-eyed useful cheerleader. I intend to learn more so I can be an advocate in the heat of the moment for my wife and I am becoming more comfortable with notion of confronting doctors/nurses and am ready to use any or all of the afore mentioned karate techniques... if necessary, because grand masters only use force when necessary. WWCND

Parting thoughts:

Hope all is well and I heard this quote at the end of a movie I would like to share with you all to show my sentiment of recent local politics and, of course, the ongoing international stage.
"Politicians are like diapers; they should be changed frequently and for the same reason."

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